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Legal Referrals and Pro Bono Representation

The Montana Immigrant Justice Alliance (“MIJA”) is committed to assisting immigrants in Montana who need legal help. While immigration matters can carry serious consequences, including detention and removal, our laws do not provide for court-appointed attorneys to help immigrants navigate our complex immigration system. One of our goals is to help immigrants who are unable to pay for legal services secure free or low-cost assistance to help them make these difficult decisions. We do not provide direct legal representation, but we can offer assistance and referrals to partners who may be able to represent you.

Our President, Shahid Haque-Hausrath, is the Managing Attorney of the Border Crossing Law Firm, P.C. and volunteers to provide free legal services to immigrants. Click here for more information on his handling of pro bono cases, and the immigration services he offers.

However, our President’s resources are limited and there are many immigrants in need of help. The success of our organization depends upon the willingness of additional volunteers to donate their time for the cause. If you are an attorney, law student, or volunteer who is interested in learning more about how you can help, please contact us today. We may be able to provide supervision and training to help you get started.