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Legal Emergency Assistance Program (LEAP)

Legal Emergency Assistance Program (LEAP)

Many migrants do not fully understand our legal system or feel like they have access to it. When legal situations arise, migrants are often more likely to be taken advantage of and fail to exercise their rights. This is why MIJA is working to retain a team of attorneys who are knowledgable about various areas of the law, and are able to provide advice for members who have legal questions.

This program is in development and will be implemented upon receipt of sufficient funding to begin work. We hope to be able to provide advice to members on:

  • Immigration Issues
  • Family Law Issues
  • Contract and Employment Issues

If you are an attorney who is willing to participate in this program, please contact us.

  • MIJA will retain you, and the organization will be your client.
  • You will charge an hourly rate, or an agreed upon flat fee, and the organization will pay it.
  • MIJA will provide you with a fact pattern describing a legal issue involving a member.
  • You will not agree to enter an appearance on behalf of any member of MIJA to represent them in court. Instead, you will enter a limited engagement to provide a one-time consultation to answer current questions and concerns. However, if you want to represent the member, we would help facilitate that, so they can pay you a retainer and enter into an attorney-client engagement.
  • You would provide legal information to assist our member, and conduct any research necessary to answer an inquiry and provide guidance to the member.