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Patricia Decker, Board of Directors

Patricia Decker resides near Billings, Montana and has spent the last nine years doing humanitarian work on Arizona/Mexico border. She has worked with the Samaritans, who are committed to saving the lives of migrants who enter the country through the southern Arizona desert. She has joined Samaritan patrols, worked with migrant shelters in the area, Borderlinks, protests against Arizona’s SB 1070 law, and visited Operation Streamline.

Patricia has led Montana educational delegations to Mexico, and held educational forums in Red Lodge and Billings. She has also worked to arrange documentary screenings of films addressing immigrant justice issues, such as Crossing Arizona, Made in L.A., and Papers. She has organized congressional visits and postcard and letter writing campaigns designed to bring attention to important immigration legislation.

Patricia has engaged in legislative advocacy, including participation with national immigrant rights groups, including the DreamActivists, Interfaith Immigration Coalition, and Reform Immigration for America. She also engages in Politics in Pub, church groups, the Montana Migrant Council, and Angela’s Piazza.