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Jesús Salazar, Board of Directors


Jesus Salazar, Board of Directors, pictured with his family.

Jesús Salazar studied graphic arts at the Autonomous Mexico City University. Prior to moving to Montana, Jesús worked at the Chicago newspaper La Raza. As a graphic designer, Jesús promoted graphic arts for enthusiastic young immigrants who wanted to use art to show their talents and express their feelings on how immigrant families struggle with the immigration system in the United States.

Jesús’ passion is to help immigrants fulfill their dreams through hard work, to encourage education in Latino communities, and help Latinos get involved in the American culture without forgetting where their families came from. Jesús and his family live in Helena, Montana, where he operates his own graphic design business called creativeMT. In this capacity, he does outstanding design work for non-profit organizations, political campaigns, government agencies, and successful local businesses.

Jesus Salazar, Board of Directors, coaching his daughter and her soccer team.

Jesús teaches computer technologies applied on graphic design and advertising at Carroll College, and volunteers as a Spanish teacher in a local Helena elementary school. Jesús also inspires young children in the community, volunteering to teach them how to play soccer as coach for a local soccer league. Jesús is an avid bike rider, and demonstrated that nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication by completing the nationally-reconized Butte 100 bike race.